Delightful ways to create magic in a white kitchen

White denotes simplicity and timelessness and when used in the kitchen space, it gives a classic touch to the interiors. When used as a standalone colour, it makes the interiors look attractive and beautiful.

Designed with the open kitchen concept, this modern white kitchen stands out against the wooden flooring used throughout. The contrasting wood element makes a bold statement in the kitchen. Add to it the advantage of giving it an airy and light appearance. It also lays focus on the need to use limited artificial lights.

The modern concept emphasizes the need to have separate cooking and dining area, giving it a neat and uncluttered display, enabling you to socialize. To complement the open design concept, modern appliances like built-in hob and chimney have been incorporated within.

White colour also offers fluidity to the kitchen. The spacious white kitchen minus walls interrupting individual zones is the main highlight here.  This design does not restrict you to use specific walls for the design, making the kitchen friendly to use and functional.

The matte look achieved by the white hue used in the kitchen gives it a streamlined appearance. The island design looks visually appealing and has enough storage space keeping clutter at bay. White is also preferred in the kitchen area as it has the quality to blend with any contrasting colours or tones if used in the kitchen. Embellished in white, the spacious kitchen, the countertop and custom light fixture on the ceiling complements the interiors perfectly.

The simple colour palette gives a spacious look to the kitchen. Access to the outdoors through big windows helps to let natural light in and give the white kitchen a refined look.  As the window is placed near the cooking area, it ensures the space is properly ventilated and keeps it odor and smoke free.

Wooden floors illuminated by natural light keeps the space from giving it a dull and boring feel. The white on white play permits you to experiment with different finishes, textures and materials, adding depth to the kitchen.

The accent colour used on the ceiling light is the only contrasting feature apart from the flooring layout in the kitchen with a neutral colour flow. Inducing a calm environment, the high ceiling opens up the space further, giving it a classic twist. Since the kitchen has been designed with a single colour theme ad open design layout, you have the liberty to create trends and enhance it with colours if required.

Sprung from the need to accommodate joint families who like to combine entertainment and dining, the open kitchen layout is perfect to spend quality time with family and create happy memories. The open layout is a wise strategy to dedicate the space to get the entire household together. The complementing island space that serves as the dining area has an inviting feel. The bar stool with its contemporary design and windows add character and complete the layout with its unique charm.

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