Of purples and lilacs

History is witness to the fact that purple is the colour of passion, power and royalty. In ancient times purple dye was obtained by a hugely expensive and lengthy process. It took several weeks and sometimes months to produce the exact colour and that is why purple is considered so imperial.

With the new technology, obtaining purple dye is not all difficult but mostly people find it too difficult to use it in interiors. Some feel that it looks ostentatious and some, who decide to use it, overdo it, resulting in shabby outputs. So, here’s a little guide for you to transform your house and get a touch of royalty in your house.

There’s purple and then there are shades of it that you can use like lavender and lilac. While purple adds a lot of glamour to the interiors, lilac has a young upbeat feel to it and lavender is feminine and soft. When using purple, keep in mind that the colour has a strong presence so other elements in the room need to be balanced. For example if you are getting the walls done in purple, it’s wise to use lighter shades of drapes and the lighting should not be too bright. You just need a little imagination with purple and it will fetch great results.

Lavender has a very soft appeal so it can be used in bedrooms or even bathrooms which are the places of relaxation. The colour helps in uplifting the mood and instantly lets you unwind.

Lilac is another lovely shade from the purple family. It is quite a universal colour and can be used in any space. It looks especially lovely in kid’s room and nurseries. The scope for decoration increases manifolds when trying this colour in the kiddie room.

We truly hope that you will definitely give these colours a try next time you plan to redo the house.

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