6 Small Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You Think Big

Stylish, designer kitchen spaces are not limited to only large sized kitchens. All it takes is a few clever design hacks and a well thought-out design to transform even the most compact kitchens into functional and chic spaces. Have a look at some small kitchen ideas below that will make you rethink what’s possible! 

1. Embrace multifunctional furniture

Invest in furniture that does double duty. A rolling kitchen island for instance, can provide extra prep space and storage when needed, and can be tucked away when not in use. Folding tables or wall-mounted breakfast bars offer additional dining areas without taking up permanent space on the floor. 

2. Brighten Up Your Space

Good lighting is key. Opt for layered lighting with a combination of overhead fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, and task lighting over the sink and prep areas. This creates a bright and inviting atmosphere that makes the space feel larger. 

3. Highlight An Open Layout

Consider highlighting an open layout– for kitchens that also are dining spaces and/or living rooms in one. Embracing this layout style can make it feel more spacious and sophisticated rather than cramped, 

4. Embrace Transparency

Utilise glass cabinet doors or clear containers for pantry items to create a feeling of openness and allow you to see everything at a glance, increasing efficiency and saving time in the kitchen, while also reducing clutter and wasted space. 

5. Go Light And Reflective

Choose light-coloured cabinets, countertops and backsplashes. These elements reflect light and make the kitchen feel more spacious. Consider glossy finishes that further enhance the reflective quality. 

6. Stick With One Colour

You can also use a monochromatic palette to unify the kitchen’s design and create a sense of harmony. White or grey are good and foolproof options, but you can try some bold colours which will add some more flair if done right.

How Can Arrivae Help?

The size of a kitchen is never a limiting factor when the design is well planned & executed. With these simple hacks, you can make a small kitchen really stand out! For step-by-step guidance, take a look at our blog or Instagram. You can also avail a free design consultation with our expert designers!

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