8 Genius Kitchen Organization and Storage Hacks

Organising your kitchen in the correct manner goes a long way in streamlining any kitchen activities. It can help avoid messes, loss of ingredients, food wastage or spoilage and even increase the longevity of your cookware. Here are 8 genius hacks to help you create a perfectly organised kitchen for your culinary adventures!

1. Optimise Storage with the Food Storage Pyramid!

Food storage in refrigerators is best organised in a pyramid format. Starting at the base are shelf-stable staples like canned goods and pasta. These go low and deep in your cabinets or fridges. Next come dry goods like grains and cereals, best kept in airtight containers on mid-level shelves. All things that you would want on daily access like milk, juice, eggs should be stored at the door shelves or top of the fridge for ease of access and usage. 

For vegetables, mesh bags or baskets work well due to the air circulation and ease of cleaning. Keeping your food well-organised in this pyramid format would ensure faster prep times and reduced food wastage. 

2. Embrace FIFO: First In, First Out

The best principle to abide by is FIFO (first in, first out). This simple food storage principle ensures nothing is forgotten or rots away at the back of the cabinets or the fridge. Essentially, place new items behind older ones, so the older items get used first.

3. Smart Storage Solutions

Utilise every nook and cranny. Install pull-out drawers in lower cabinets, corner shelves for spices, and over-the-door organisers for pantry stables. Maximise storage potential without sacrificing aesthetics.

4. Maximise vertical space

Think beyond the countertop! Utilise wall space with open shelving, and high cabinets where you can store most of your essentials. This greatly frees up counter space while making your small kitchen feel a bit more open and airy. 

5. Match Cookware To Cuisine

A well-curated cookware collection promotes culinary exploration without overwhelming your cabinets. Invest in a trusty cast-iron skillet for searing, a dutch oven for slow-cooking wonders, and a versatile stainless steel saucepan everyday cooking. In addition to better quality of cooking, your cookware will not wear out as quickly. Research your favourite cuisines and add specialised cutlery, tools and cookware pieces as your skills evolve.

6. Hang It Up!

Free up counter space by utilising hanging pot racks, utensil rails or even magnetic strips on the wall for knives, tools, and spices. This creates convenience during intense cooking sessions as any required implements are within arm’s reach.

7. Label Everything!

Clear labels are the secret weapon of an organised kitchen. Label shelves, drawers and containers with the contents and if possible, the date opened/purchased. This eliminates the dilemma of containers that you would have no track of, and reduces food wastage. Additionally, pretty labels add a touch of visual zen!

8. Invest in Space-Saving Appliances

Appliances generally use a bulk of the space across countertops and in various corners of a kitchen. Consider compact appliances like a mini-fridge or countertop oven, or even integrated appliances such as built-in microwaves or ovens. 

How Can Arrivae Help?

Organise your kitchen like a pro with these simple hacks! For additional tips and tricks, head to our blog and visit our Instagram for more inspiration. Come down to our Design Centre for a free consultation with our experts!

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